WhosYourDaddy Spotify

    Part 1: Daddying
    (Daddies Are UnderRated)

    Episode #1

    Trials and tribulations of being a daddy in Singapore. What daddies go through is no bitch? Is it different from what mommies go through?

    WhosYourDaddy Spotify

    Part 2: Daddying
    (Corporal Punishment)

    Episode #2

    We talked about daddy's then, tough love which our generation went through. Is Corporal punishment okay today?


    WhosYourDaddy Spotify

    We Play Balls!

    Screen Time?

    Episode #3

    This time we find out the difference in the games we played then and what our kids play now. How much screen time is considered ok?


    WhosYourDaddy Spotify

    Episode #4

    This time it brings the daddys way back when young ambitions were still running in their blood. What the future holds for them are surprising, twisting, and uprising, tune-up to the daddys for a hilarious journey through their teens to manhood.

    WhosYourDaddy Spotify

    Episode #5

    How serious is serious when the daddys talk about their first real paying job, their profession, discussing jobs vs passion. Have they found their niche?....Throw in your buds with the daddys!

    WhosYourDaddy Spotify

    Part 1: Social


    Episode #6

    Race, Language, and Religion. Being Singaporean, social integration is in the boys DNA. That being said it's second nature for them to break barriers and social stigma and rojak together regardless of food, songs, and girls.

    WhosYourDaddy Spotify

    Part 2: Social


    Episode #7

    Neighbors, Racism, Jokes. Can we do it in a public domain? Neighbors cant live with or without them. Some can be a %#$@%@% to be around while others are simply a godsend.They live among us breathe among us but is it okay to make jokes about them so jump in with the daddys for an in-depth view on racism.

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